Scientist Videos

In these interviews, with scientists from the Tagging of Pacific Predators Program, offer some insights into what they do, how they do it, and why they find it interesting.

Dr. Elliott Hazen – as a marine ecologist at the NOAA Southwest Fisheries Environmental Research Division, Elliott has explored how to use animal tracking data to predict where marine predators will be found as ocean conditions change with the Earth’s changing climate.

Dr. Sara Maxwell – Originally an elephant seal biologist, Sara’s animal tracking work with a variety of marine species has taken her all over the world. Her focus is in “marine spatial planning,” where she uses animal tracking data to help construct marine protected areas and management policies to help protect marine animal populations in the wild.

In her interviews, Sara discusses a variety of topics:

  • How she became a marine biologist
  • Why she studies ocean predators
  • How the information is used in marine conservation