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Ocean Tracks provides access to authentic data collected by migrating marine animals, drifting buoys, and satellites, along with tools that allow you to display and analyze these data to investigate current and important scientific questions about animal interactions with the ocean environment. The Ocean Tracks website was created by the EDC's Oceans of Data Institute and Stanford University, using funding from the National Science Foundation.


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Where the Data Come From

Tagging of Pacific Predators


The animal tracking data used in Ocean Tracks come from the Tagging of Pacific Predators (TOPP) project. Click the image above to launch a video.

Camera Tags on White Sharks

TC interview smile


Stanford University marine biologist Taylor Chapple discusses new tools in understanding white shark behavior

Tagging Bluefin Tuna

Tagging Bluefin Tuna


Watch the Stanford team tag Pacific bluefin tuna off the coast of Southern California.