OT+CODAP Map Prototype

OT+CODAP is a prototype interface that combines the Ocean Tracks map and tracking data with data visualization and analysis tools from the Common Online Data Analysis Platform (CODAP), developed in collaboration with ODI’s colleagues at the Concord Consortium. The “Add Table” and “Add Graph” buttons at the top of the map window allow you to add floating graphs or data tables to the map, which can be used to carry out a wider variety of analyses than are currently available in the Ocean Tracks. Any data selections made in the map, tables, or graphs are reflected in all available views. For example, if you create a graph which shows curviness as a function of chlorophyll concentration, and then select a group of points on that graph, the corresponding points will also be highlighted on the map, as well as in the data table (if you’ve added one). 

Our current learning modules do not include support for these additional CODAP tools, but some preliminary user tests suggest that these additional features might be of interest to students and teachers. If you try the OT+CODAP map prototype and have thoughts, ideas, suggestions, or criticisms to share, please send them to us at oceantracks@edc.org.



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